What Is The Meaning Of Sacred?


Simple Definition:

The meaning of sacred is something that is considered holy [having a special connection to a deity or religious belief] or deserving of reverence [deep respect and admiration] and respect. The term is often used to describe objects, places, or rituals that hold deep religious [relating to or involving belief in a higher power] or spiritual significance.

For example, a sacred text such as the Bible is highly regarded by Christians and is treated with great respect, because it is thought to have been written with the guidance of God. In some cultures, certain mountains or rivers are considered sacred and are believed to have special powers or significance.

Very Simple Definition:

Sacred means very holy or special, like something connected to a higher power. It’s used for things that deserve deep respect, often in religion.

For instance, the Bible is a sacred book for Christians, and special places like mountains can be also sacred in other religions, having important spiritual meaning.

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