What Is The Meaning Of Amen?


Simple Definition:

Amen is an expression used to express agreement or to affirm something (to say it is true). It is often used at the end of a prayer or a statement.

For example:

  • After saying a prayer, someone says “Amen” to show agreement or affirmation [Affirmation – a statement asserting the truth of something] that the prayer was heard and accepted by God.
  • Someone might say “Amen” after a statement or testimony to show agreement or confirmation that what was said is true.

Very Simple Definition:

Amen means “I agree” or “it is true.”

For example:

  • Someone says “Amen” after a prayer to show they agree with what was said.
  • Someone might say “Amen” after a statement to show they believe it is true.

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