What Is “What”?


Simple Definition:

"What" is an interrogative pronoun [a word used to ask questions] which is used to ask for information or clarification about something. It is used when a person is seeking to know about the identity, nature, or qualities of a particular thing or situation. The word "what" is commonly used in questions and often requires an answer to provide more details or explanation.


  • "What is your name?" (Asking for the identity of a person)
  • "What time is it?" (Asking for the current hour)
  • "What is your favorite color?" (Asking for a person’s preference)

Very Simple Definition:

"What" is a word we use to ask questions and find out information about things or situations.


  • "What’s your name?" (Asking someone’s name)
  • "What’s the time?" (Asking for the current hour)
  • "What’s your favorite color?" (Asking about a person’s preferred color)

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