What Is Urea?


Simple Definition:

Urea is a chemical compound that is found in urine [the liquid waste product produced by the body] and is also synthesized for use in fertilizers, plastics, and pharmaceuticals. It is a waste product formed in the liver during the breakdown of proteins and is eliminated from the body through urine.


  • Urea is used as a nitrogen-rich ingredient in fertilizers to help promote plant growth.
  • The production of certain plastics involves the use of urea as a raw material.
  • Some medications contain urea as an active ingredient for treating certain skin conditions.

Very Simple Definition:

Urea is a substance [material] found in urine and also used in fertilizers, plastics, and medicines.


  • Urea helps plants grow better.
  • Some things are made using urea, like plastic objects.
  • Some creams or ointments contain urea and can be used to treat skin problems.

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