What Is The Meaning Of Retarded?


Simple Definition:

Retarded refers to a person who has a developmental disability that affects their cognitive [learning-related] and adaptive [ability to change in order to fit your environment] functioning. These individuals may have delays in their intellectual abilities and may require additional support or specialized services to meet their needs. They may have challenges in areas such as communication, social skills, and self-care.


  • John is considered retarded because he has difficulty understanding and learning new concepts.
  • Sarah, who is a special education student, receives additional help in school due to her retarded development.

Very Simple Definition:

Retarded means someone who has difficulties in learning and understanding things. They need extra help to do things that others find easy.


  • Amy is a classmate who needs extra time to finish her assignments because she is a bit retarded.
  • Michael receives special help from his teachers because he is a little bit retarded and needs assistance with his studies.

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