What Is The Meaning Of Grace In The Bible?


Simple Definition:

Grace, in the Bible, refers to the unmerited [undeserved] favor [kindness and help] and love that God extends towards humanity, offering forgiveness and salvation [being saved or protected by God] despite our unworthiness. This divine grace is a gift that cannot be earned or deserved.

For example:

  • When someone receives God’s grace, they are forgiven for their mistakes and given the opportunity to start anew.
  • Just as a loving parent shows grace to a disobedient [not following the rules or commands] child by forgiving them and giving them another chance, God extends His grace to us.

Very Simple Definition:

Grace in the Bible means that God loves us and forgives us, even when we make mistakes. He gives us a chance to start again.

For example:

  • God’s grace is like a parent who still loves and helps their child, even when the child does something wrong.
  • When we ask God for forgiveness, He always gives it to us and shows us His grace.

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