What Is The Meaning Of Counselling?


Simple Definition:

Counselling is a process where a trained professional [someone who has been taught and is skilled in a certain area] provides support and guidance to individuals or groups who are facing personal or emotional difficulties [challenges or problems that affect their feelings or well-being]. The purpose of counselling is to help these individuals or groups understand their feelings, explore potential solutions, and make positive changes in their lives. For example, a person who is struggling with anxiety [a feeling of unease or worry] may seek counselling to learn coping strategies [methods for dealing with stress] and develop a sense of control over their emotions.

Very Simple Definition:

Counselling is when someone helps you when you feel sad or have a problem. They listen and give advice to make you feel better. For example, if you are upset about a fight with a friend, a counselor can talk to you and help you figure out how to make up with your friend.

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