What Is The Meaning Of Apocalypse?


Simple Definition:

An apocalypse is a catastrophic event or the end of the world, often associated with widespread destruction and chaos. (Catastrophic event: a disastrous occurrence with severe consequences)


  • The apocalypse in the movie was depicted as a global pandemic that wiped out most of humanity. (Pandemic: an outbreak of a disease affecting a large number of people)
  • Some people believe that climate change could lead to an environmental apocalypse, causing irreversible damage to the planet. (Irreversible: impossible to reverse or undo)

Very Simple Definition:

An apocalypse is a really bad thing that happens and everything gets destroyed.


  • The world in the movie was destroyed in an apocalypse where buildings collapsed and people ran away.
  • In the book, there was an apocalypse where all the food disappeared and people were hungry.

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