What Is The Meaning Of Affiliate?


Simple Definition:

Affiliate refers to a person or company that is officially connected to another person or company and receives benefits [rewards or advantages] or commissions [money earned for making sales] for promoting their products or services.


  • John is an affiliate of an online clothing store. He earns a commission [money reward] for every customer he refers to the store who makes a purchase.
  • Sarah is an affiliate of a fitness brand. She promotes their products on her social media platforms and receives a percentage of the sales made through her unique referral link.

Very Simple Definition:

Affiliate means being connected to a company and getting rewards for promoting their stuff.


  • Lisa is an affiliate for a makeup company. She tells people about their products and gets money whenever someone buys something using her special link.
  • Mike is an affiliate of a car dealership. He tells his friends about the dealership and gets a gift card every time one of them buys a car from there.

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