What Is The Meaning Of Adjective?


Simple Definition:

An adjective is a type of word that describes or modifies [changes the meaning of] a noun [a person, place, thing, or idea]. Adjectives provide additional information about the noun, such as its size, color, shape, or quality [traits it has]. They help to give a more detailed and vivid picture or description of the noun.


  • The red apple tastes delicious. [Red describes the color of the apple.]
  • She has a big house. [Big describes the size of the house.]
  • The furry cat is very cute. [Furry describes the texture of the cat’s fur.]

Very Simple Definition:

An adjective is a word that gives more information about a noun [object, person, thing, or animal]. It describes how something looks, feels, sounds, tastes, or smells.


  • I have a happy dog. [Happy describes the dog’s emotion.]
  • The yellow flower is pretty. [Yellow describes the color of the flower.]
  • The loud fireworks scared me. [Loud describes the sound of the fireworks.]

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