What Is Syntax? (Copmuters)


Simple Definition:

Syntax in computers refers to the set of rules that govern the structure of a programming language [a language used to write computer programs]. It determines how different parts of a program should be arranged and how they can be combined to form meaningful instructions. Syntax errors occur when the rules are not followed properly. For example, forgetting to close a bracket or using incorrect punctuation can result in a syntax error.

Very Simple Definition:

Syntax is the way we write commands for computers. It’s like following a recipe to make something. Just like how we need to put the ingredients in the right order and follow the steps in a recipe, we also have to follow certain rules when we write code. For example, if we want the computer to print something on the screen, we have to write “print(‘Hello, world!’)” and not “print hello world” or “write “hello world” “.

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