What Is Mitosis?


Simple Definition:

Mitosis is the process of cell division in which a single cell divides into two identical daughter cells [cells that have the same genetic material]. During mitosis, the DNA in the parent cell is replicated and then divided equally between the two daughter cells. This process is important for growth, repair, and the maintenance of tissues in multicellular organisms.

For example, when a fertilized egg undergoes mitosis, it divides into multiple cells that eventually form a complete organism. Similarly, skin cells divide through mitosis to replace old and damaged cells.

Very Simple Definition:

Mitosis is how cells make copies of themselves. It’s like when you make a copy of a drawing, you end up with two identical drawings. When cells divide through mitosis, they make two identical “copies” of themselves. This helps the body grow bigger and repair any injuries.

For example, if you scrape your knee, the cells in your skin will divide through mitosis to create new skin cells and heal the wound.

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