What is ICT?


Simple Definition:

ICT stands for “Information and Communication Technology”. It refers to all the tools and technologies used to process, store, transmit, and receive information. Examples of ICT include computers, smartphones, the internet, software applications, and other digital devices. ICT is used in many different ways, such as creating and editing documents, sending and receiving emails, conducting online meetings, using social media, browsing the internet, playing video games, and much more.

For instance, in the workplace, ICT is used to manage databases, create presentations, generate reports, and communicate with colleagues via email or instant messaging. In education, ICT is used to enhance learning and teaching through e-learning platforms, interactive whiteboards, and educational apps.

Very Simple Definition:

ICT stands for “Information and Communication Technology,” which means using technology to communicate and share information. Examples include computers, smartphones, and the internet itself.

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