What Is Grammar?


Simple Definition:

Grammar refers to the set of rules that govern [control] the structure [the way different parts of something are put together], arrangement [the order in which things are placed or organized], and use of words and sentences in a language.

Example: In English grammar, the subject [the person or thing that performs the action in a sentence] of a sentence typically comes before the verb [the word describing the action that the subject is doing]. For instance, “She sings beautifully” is a grammatically correct sentence, while “Sings she beautifully” is not.

Very Simple Definition:

Grammar is the way we put words together to create sentences. It helps us communicate clearly and effectively.

Example: We use grammar when we say things like “I love pizza” (instead of “love pizza I”) or “The cat is sleeping” (instead of “the cat is sleep”). It tells us the order in which the words should be placed to make sense and convey meaning.

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