What Is Fascism?


Simple Definition:

Fascism is a political ideology [a set of beliefs about how society should be organized] that believes in the total control of society by a single leader or party. Fascist regimes [governments] often use violence and intimidation to maintain power and suppress opposition, and they prioritize national unity [the idea of being together as one nation], discipline [the practice of obeying rules and behaving in an organized way], and strength over individual rights and freedoms.

For example, the fascist government of Italy led by Benito Mussolini in the early 20th century emphasized the importance of the state and militarism [the use of military force], and used propaganda [information that is spread to influence people’s opinions], censorship [the practice of limiting or controlling information], and repression [the use of force to control or limit something] to maintain control.

Overall, fascism is a political ideology that values authority, unity, and power over individual rights and freedoms, and often involves the use of violence and repression to maintain control.

Very Simple Definition:

Fascism is a type of government where one person or group has complete control [power] over everything and everyone. The leader or party in charge uses violence, fear, and propaganda [lies] to stay in power, and puts the needs of the country above the needs of the individual.

For example, in fascist Italy under Benito Mussolini, the government controlled the media [newspapers, radio, and TV] and used it to spread their message of nationalism [pride in one’s country], militarism [belief in the importance of a strong military], and totalitarianism [complete control over all aspects of society].

Overall, fascism is a form of government that puts the power in the hands of one leader or group and suppresses opposition through violence and propaganda.

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