What Is Electric Potential?


Simple Definition:

Electric potential is a way to measure how charged a specific point is within an electric field, which is like an invisible force field created by charged particles. Think of it as a measure of how much "push" or "pull" a small positive charge would experience at that spot.

For example, imagine a battery with a positive terminal and a negative terminal. The electric potential is the amount of potential energy [how much energy could be potentially released] that a positive charge [a positively charged particle] would have if it were placed at a certain point in the electric field created by the battery. If the positive charge [the particle] is moved from the negative terminal to the positive terminal, it gains electric potential energy.

Very Simple Definition:

Electric potential is a measure of how much electrical energy something has.

For example, when you rub a balloon on your hair, it gains electric potential. This is why the balloon can stick to a wall or attract small objects like paper bits.

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