What Is an Aesthetic?

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Simple Definition:

An aesthetic is the overall look or feeling of something, especially when it is considered to be visually pleasing or beautiful. It refers to the visual qualities or elements that make something pleasing or beautiful. It is often used to discuss art, design, or fashion.

For example, when talking about a painting, the aesthetic of the artwork refers to the colors, shapes, and composition that contribute to its visual appeal. In fashion, the aesthetic of a clothing brand might refer to its style, patterns, and use of materials.


  • The aesthetic of the room was modern [relating to the present or recent times] and minimalist [using simple forms and colors], with clean lines and neutral colors [colors that are not very strong or colorful].
  • The artist’s paintings had a unique aesthetic, with bold colors and abstract shapes.

Very Simple Definition:

An aesthetic is how something looks or feels when it is nice to look at.


  • The room looked pretty with its modern and simple aesthetic.
  • The paintings had a rural [relating to village life] aesthetic.

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