What Is A Syllable?


Simple Definition:

A syllable is a unit of sound that forms a word or a part of a word. It is made up of one vowel sound [a sound made with no obstruction of air, similar to the ones represented by a, e, i, o, u] and can also have one or more consonant sounds [sounds made with some obstruction of air, like t, r, s, b, m, and more].


  • “cat” has one syllable (“cat”), with the vowel sound “a”
  • “apple” has two syllables (“ap” and “ple”), with the vowel sounds “a” and “e”

Very Simple Definition:

A syllable is a part of a word that we say when we talk.


  • “cat” has one part we say: “cat”. This is one syllable.
  • “apple” has two parts we say: “ap” and “ple”. These are two syllables.

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