What Is A Monk?


Simple Definition:

A monk is a person who dedicates their life to religious practices and lives in a monastery [a place where monks live and practice their religion]. Monks usually follow a specific set of rules and often live in communities with other monks. They typically commit themselves to a life of prayer, meditation, and self-discipline. Monks may also take vows of poverty [a promise to live without material (physical) possessions], chastity [a promise to not get married or have sexual relationships], and obedience [a promise to follow the orders of their religious superiors].


  • Brother John has been a monk for 20 years and spends most of his day in prayer and meditation.
  • The monastery on the hill is home to a group of monks who live a simple and contemplative life.

Very Simple Definition:

A monk is a person who lives in a special place called a monastery and spends their time praying and thinking about their religion.


  • The monk sits quietly in his room, closing his eyes and saying prayers.
  • The monk eats plain food and wears simple clothes every day.

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