What Is A Conservative?


Simple Definition:

Conservative refers to a person who holds traditional beliefs and values [ideas and principles passed down through generations], and prefers to maintain the existing social, economic, and political systems [ways of organizing society, money, and government]. A conservative may resist or be cautious about making significant changes to these systems, and often prioritizes preserving stability and order.


  • A conservative might advocate for limited government involvement in the economy [the way money and businesses work], believing that free markets [systems where businesses can operate without much interference] lead to prosperity.
  • A conservative might support traditional family structures [how families are organized], with a focus on marriage between a man and a woman.
  • A conservative might oppose the legalization of recreational drugs [substances that alter the mind] due to concerns about their impact on society.

Very Simple Definition:

A conservative is someone who likes things to stay the same and doesn’t like big changes.


  • A conservative might think that marriage should be limited to boys and girls, rather than boys and boys, for instance.
  • A conservative might believe that people should not be allowed to use harmful drugs that affect their thoughts.

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