What Does Misogyny Mean In The Dictionary?


Simple Definition:

Misogyny is the hatred, dislike, or prejudice [preconceived opinion not based on reason or experience] against women. It is when someone holds strong negative feelings or beliefs about women and treats them unfairly or with disrespect.

For example:

  • When someone makes derogatory [hateful or degrading] comments about women or belittles [makes small] their abilities, it can be a manifestation of misogyny.
  • Discriminating against women in the workplace or denying them opportunities based solely on their gender is a form of misogyny.

Very Simple Definition:

Misogyny means hating or disliking women, or having incorrect opinions about them. It is when someone doesn’t like women and treats them badly or unfairly.

For example:

  • When someone says mean things about girls because they think they are not as good as boys, that is misogyny.
  • If someone doesn’t let girls play sports, it is an example of misogyny.

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