Meaning Of Mezzanine


Simple Definition:

A mezzanine is a level or platform that is halfway between the ground floor and the ceiling of a building. It is often added to create additional space or rooms within a larger space. Mezzanines are typically used in warehouses, factories, or retail stores to maximize the usable area.


  • The office building had a mezzanine level that housed the conference rooms.
    (Mezzanine level: a floor that is higher than the ground floor but lower than the ceiling)
  • The clothing store installed a mezzanine to display more clothing racks.
    (Mezzanine: a platform that creates an additional level within a store)

Very Simple Definition:

A mezzanine is a middle floor in a building, between the ground and the ceiling.


  • The building had a mezzanine that was used for offices.
  • The store added a mezzanine to have more space for products.

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