Meaning Of Keloid


Simple Definition:

Keloid is the term used to describe an abnormal and raised scar that forms during the healing process of a wound or injury. It is a type of scar that extends beyond the original boundaries of the injury and can be thick, smooth, or shiny. Keloids are often firm, rubbery in texture, and can vary in color. They can be itchy, tender, and cause discomfort.

For example, if someone gets a cut on their skin and it heals but leaves behind a raised, thick, and shiny scar that goes beyond the boundaries of the original cut, it can be classified as a keloid.

Very Simple Definition:

A keloid is an unusual type of scar that is raised, thick, shiny, and goes beyond the original wound. It can feel firm, itchy, and sometimes painful.

For example, if someone has a scar that is bumpy, shiny, and extends further than where they got hurt, it might be a keloid.

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