Meaning Of Enuresis


Simple Definition:

Enuresis is a medical term that refers to the involuntary release of urine (urinating) during sleep (bedwetting). It is a condition where a person, usually a child, wets the bed at night without being able to control it. Enuresis is considered a common childhood condition, but it can also affect adults.


  • Timmy, a six-year-old boy, has enuresis and wets the bed at night.
  • Sarah, a teenager, experiences enuresis occasionally and struggles with bedwetting.

Very Simple Definition:

Enuresis means wetting the bed during sleep. It happens when someone pees while they are asleep.


  • Billy, a young boy, sometimes wets the bed at night.
  • Lisa, a girl, has enuresis and occasionally wakes up in a wet bed.

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