Meaning Of Cirrhosis


Simple Definition:

Cirrhosis is a medical condition where the liver becomes scarred [having permanent marks or damage] and damaged, leading to the loss of its normal function. The scarring occurs due to long-term liver diseases, like chronic alcoholism or hepatitis [inflammation of the liver].


  • John has developed cirrhosis after years of heavy drinking. As a result, his liver is no longer able to filter toxins from his blood, causing various health problems.
  • Mary’s chronic hepatitis C has progressed to cirrhosis, causing fatigue, jaundice, and fluid retention in her body.

Very Simple Definition:

Cirrhosis is a serious liver problem that happens when the liver gets very sick and cannot work properly anymore.


  • Sarah’s liver has cirrhosis and can’t do its job anymore, which makes her feel really tired and her skin yellow.
  • David’s has cirrhosis because he drinks too much alcohol, and he feels really sick and has a big belly because of it.

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