Holograms Meaning


Simple Definition:

A hologram is a three-dimensional image that is created using light diffraction [the bending and spreading of light waves]. It appears as if it is floating in space and can be seen without the need for special glasses or devices. Holograms are often used for entertainment purposes, such as in concerts or movies, and can also be used for security features on items like credit cards or ID cards.

Example 1: When you see a hologram of a person, it looks like they are standing right in front of you, even though they are not really there.

Example 2: Some museums use holograms to display ancient artifacts in a more interactive and engaging way.

Very Simple Definition:

A hologram is a special kind of picture that looks like it’s real and can move around. People can see it without wearing special glasses.

Example 1: Imagine seeing a picture of an animal that looks like it’s jumping out of the paper!

Example 2: Some cool pictures can look like they’re floating in the air, as if they could touch you.

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