evangelicalism meaning


Simple Definition:

Evangelicalism is a Christian religious movement that emphasizes the importance of sharing the Gospel (the teachings of Jesus Christ) and personal conversion (choosing to follow Jesus). Evangelicalism also focuses on the authority of the Bible (the holy book of Christianity), and holds to certain core beliefs, such as the belief in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

For example:

  • Many evangelical churches have missionaries who travel to different countries to share the Gospel and convert people to Christianity.
  • Evangelical Christians often prioritize reading and studying the Bible, and they believe that it is the ultimate guide for their faith and daily lives.

Very Simple Definition:

Evangelicalism is a type of Christianity that believes in telling others about Jesus and following Him. Evangelical Christians think that the Bible is very important and they want everyone to know about Jesus.

For example:

  • Some evangelical Christians go to other places to tell people about Jesus and they hope that those people will choose to follow Him too.
  • Evangelical Christians believe that the Bible is the most important book and they read it to learn how to live their lives.

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