Definition Of Ablation


Simple Definition:

Ablation is a medical procedure that involves the removal or destruction of a part of the body, usually through surgery or other controlled means. Ablation is commonly used to treat various conditions or diseases, such as tumors, abnormal heart rhythms, or excessive menstrual bleeding [bleeding during a woman’s period]. During the procedure, the affected area is either surgically removed or targeted with heat, cold, or energy to eliminate or reduce its function.


  • A patient with a tumor may undergo ablation, where the tumor is surgically removed or destroyed using focused energy, such as laser or radiofrequency, to eliminate the abnormal growth.
  • In the treatment of abnormal heart rhythms, a catheter ablation may be performed, where a thin tube is inserted into the heart to deliver energy and destroy the small areas responsible for the irregular rhythm.

Very Simple Definition:

Ablation is a medical procedure to remove or destroy a part of the body.


  • When a person has a tumor, doctors can do ablation to take it out or destroy it.
  • If someone’s heart is beating irregularly, they might have ablation where doctors use special tools to fix it.

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